Audemars Piguet

It is in the heart of the Vallée de Joux, a region that beats to the tune of complicated watch mechanisms, that everything started for Audemars Piguet in 1875. One of the oldest, most well-known elite brands in the watch industry, part of the holy trinity.

AP is known for its modern designs with its world-famous Royal Oak collection. The shimmer of the hand-polished Royal Oak bracelet is second to none in the industry; it sparkles without diamonds and feels robust and sporty.

Everything at Audemars Piguet is hand-made and hand-finished. Since 2021, they have moved altogether, producing their movements in-house, and they come with a 5-year extended warranty upon registration and are incredibly robust and reliable.


In terms of a brand with a vibrant history and a modern edge, Audemars Piguet produces less than 50,000 watches per year, and the brand's stores are largely owned by Audemars Piguet Corporate. It is challenging to procure a desirable timepiece from them without spending $100’s thousands of Dollars on pieces most people don’t wish to own. This is where TMLS comes in, and we can help you procure the AP timepiece of your dreams without you having to go through the hurdles of dealing with the Audemars Piguet boutiques.